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Campus Life

Student at Faculty Campus

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UVAS Delegation Visit

Visit of UVAS officials at FVAS

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FAO visit at FVAS

FAO Islamabad Team visits FVAS and delivered lecture to the students of DVM

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Visit of News & Views Team

Dr. Jassar Aftab conducted workshop on career planning to the students of FVAS

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Co-Curricular Activities

Student of FVAS participated and stood second in 1st National Seerat Conference conduct by PBSA.


The state of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) has a vast livestock genetic resource with 1.43 million cattle & buffaloes along with 1.77 million sheep & goats, there by owing a great genetic variability with tremendous potential for genetic development. Its 67 % population depends upon raising livestock and poultry, however, their keeping is just on traditional basis with an eventual low productivity. There is an acute need for its transformation from subsistence level towards commercial setting. The environment being very much enabling for cross bred, the local cows may be upgraded with highly productive temperate breeds. Likewise, buffalo may be improved with proper breeding plans & strategies furthermore, sheep and goats may be upgraded with more productive and prolific breeds of the world. As such, the area is very much suited for milk and meat production. Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (FVAS) is the only institution in whole of AJK for imparting training in the area of veterinary and animal sciences. The faculty has highly qualified and experienced teaching staff and possesses a strong infrastructure in shape of well-equipped laboratories, outreach centers, clinics, as well as a poultry and a dairy farm.

Dean of Faculty

Dr. Zulfiqar Hussain kuthu
Ph.D. (UVAS, Lahore, Pakistan)

+92-5824-960000 +92-5824-960064