Dr. Abdul Khaliq
Personal Information
Research Area
Dr. Abdul Khaliq
Assistant Professor
Soil & Environmental Sciences
Degree From To Major Institute/University
Ph.D. 2007 2014 Soil Science UAJK
Designation Orgnization From To
Lecturer Faculty of Agriculture, UAJK April,2002 February,2007
Assistant Professor Faculty of Agriculture, UPR February,2007 November,-0001
Research Projects
Title Description Sponsoring agency Amount
Soil Carbon Dynamics and Aggregation Under Different Crop Residues of Sub-Humid Region Co P.I. HEC 0.375 million
Integrated Plant Nutrient Management System (IPNMS) in Cereals and Its Residual Effect on Soil. Principal Investigator University of AJ&K Muzaffarabad 0.15 million
Capacity Institute/University
 Member of the Affiliation Committee The Univ. of Poonch, RKT
Member Soil Science Society of Pakistan (SSSP)
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