Livestock and poultry raising one is an integral part of the rural economy contributing significantly to the national GDP. Department is actively engaged in imparting education and hands on training (HOT) in the field of molecular genetics, quantitative genetics, management and production of various species of livestock especially large and small ruminants, poultry farm management, housing, breeding, feeding and disease control. The department has a close liaison with the Pakistan poultry association and leading poultry and livestock farmers, breeders, poultry and livestock feed mills and hatchery men and has formulated a working group in order to discuss problems faced by poultry and livestock industry. Department includes well equipped laboratories for teaching and research in the fields of animal breeding and genetics, animal product technology and poultry. And the department is connected with the livestock experimental station.

Head of Department (HoD)

Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Hussain kuthu
Ph.D. (UVAS, Lahore, Pakistan)

+92-5824-960000 +92-5824-960064

Programmes Offered

  • Credit Hours : 133
    Duration : 8-10 Semester
    Eligibility : F. Sc. Pre Medical with at least 45% Marks
    Description :

    BS animal sciences is a 4 years degree program which provides a broad foundation in biological sciences and instruction in basic sciences, research skills and the health, welfare, behavior, nutrition, genetics and breeding of animals, including farm animals, pets and performance animals.

  • Credit Hours : 171
    Duration : 5 Years
    Eligibility : Pre Medical 60 % or Equivalence
    Description :

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) is a unique five-year professional degree program mainly focusing on training of the veterinary medicine students to be competent enough to practice (diagnose, treatment and management) in the field of large and small animals as well as skilled to manage poultry and dairy farms. After graduation, successful graduates can get employment in academic and research institutions, veterinary hospitals, disease diagnosis labs, breed improvement, livestock farms, extension services, and serve as commissioned officers in Pakistan Army (RV&FC) and Rangers.

Full Time Faculty