Dr. Aqeela Shaheen
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Dr. Aqeela Shaheen 
Assistant Professor 
Soil Science (Soil and Water Conservation) 
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IRSIP 2007 2007 Soil Sciences West Texas A & M University Texas USA
Ph.D. 2004 2009 Soil Sciences PMAS-Arid Agriculure University Rawalpindi-Pakistan
Designation Organization From To
Assistant Professor BPS Department of Soil and Environmental sciences, Faculty of Agriculture Rawalakot May,2017 May,2017
Lecturer (part time) Department of Soil and Environmental Science, Faculty of Agriculture Rawalakot May,2009 December,2009
Research Projects
Title Description Sponsoring agency Amount
Management of Crop Residues for erosion mitigation and Agricultural Sustainability in Azad Jammu Kas HEC 3232950
Impact of climate, soil type and natural vegetation on soil carbon storage The storage of carbon differs according to soil type, soil use, vegetation and climate. The vegetation acts as a sink for capturing CO2 and secures storage of it as carbon. Soil factors are important, as are climatic factors, in explaining carbon storage or pools, changes in vegetation determines the changes in carbon sequestration over shorter periods. The statistics on carbon determination allows an estimate to be made of the carbon storage and also to identify the main factors of the carbon University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir 0.95 million
Capacity Institute/University
Life member Soil Science Society of Pakistan
Councilor Soil Science Society of Pakistan since March 6, 2013- 2016
Abdul Khaliq, Aqila Shaheen, Summra Ishaq, Mohsin Zafar1, Majid M. Tahir, Tahir Zahoor, and Sair Sarwar. 2021. Evaluation of Soil Fertility and Maize Crop Nutrient Status in Himalayan Region Poonch, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences. 58(1): 89-98.
Aqila Shaheen, Saba Munsaf, Abdul Khaliq, and Nafeesa Zahid.2021. Comparative Evaluation of Compost, Wheat Straw and Sawdust on Soil Structural Stability, Plant Available Water and Sorghum (Sorghum biocolor L.) Yield. Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences. 58(3): 95-108
Aqila Shaheen & Syed Turaib Ali Bukhari.2018. Potential of sawdust and corn cobs derived biochar to improve soil aggregate stability, water retention, and crop yield of degraded sandy loam soil.Journal of Plant Nutrition.41(20):2673-2682.
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