Dr.Ansa Tamkeen
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Dr.Ansa Tamkeen 
Assistant Professor 
Taxonomy and Biology 
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Degree From To Major Institute/University
Ph.D 2010 2015 Entomology AJK University
Designation Organization From To
Lecturer(Permanent) UPR December,2009 October,2017
Assistant Professor UPR October,2017 March,2023
Incharge Department of Entomology upr January,2017 March,2023
Co ordinator, Department of Entomology UPR August,2016 December,2016
Lecturer ( PartTime) upr September,2007 December,2009
Senior ScienceTeacher Educationn Deptt,Azad jammu & Kashmir March,2003 December,2005
Assistant Entomologist ADP(UNDP) March,2001 December,2002
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