Treasurer Office maintains books of accounts and records of all the financial transactions, coordinates with Banks and maintains full details of money received from different sources. Budgetary support provided by Federal Government is the biggest chunk of revenues followed by Fees and Dues collection. Manage the property, the finances, and the investments of the university. Prepare the annual and revised budget estimates of the university and present it to the Finance and Planning Committee, Syndicate and Senate. The treasurer ensures that the funds of the University are expended for the purpose for which they are provided.

The Directorate of Planning & Development is responsible for preparation of Annual Development Programme (ADP) and its implementation. Preparation of five years, short term and long term plans and its implementation. Preparation of specific projects on PC-I proforma, securing the approvals and ensuring their implementation as per plans.

Preparation of feasibility reports of planned projects; progress report on all on-going projects, and completion reports of completed projects prior to their finalization. Preparation of linkages programmes with other institutions and agencies both local and foreign. Follow up of all the above mentioned activities for formal approval from the government and keeping effective liaison with all concerned universities for ensuring timely completion of projects, submission of all financial compliance record to treasury and works departments for ensuring better coordination for speedy implementation of projects.


Muhammad Shamim Khan (Treasurer)
Ph : +92 5824 960059 
Fax: +92 5824 960054